Dental Emergency? Act Fast to Save Your Tooth

November 30, 2020

Woman at the dentist

A dental emergency could have a lasting impact on your smile, especially if you don’t take action to get the proper medical care needed. Time is the most important factor that will affect the long-term outcome of the accident. If your gums or teeth have been injured in an accident, then we invite you to call our experienced team for emergency dental services.

Do You Need to Call for an Appointment?

If other medical issues are a concern, the best solution is to visit an emergency room to treat all of the injuries. But, you might call a dentist directly if only the mouth and teeth are affected by the accident. There is a short window of a few hours if you want the chance to save a damaged or missing tooth.

The first thing you should do after the accident is call our team for more information. We can fit you into our schedule if the accident happened during regular business hours. Or, we will make arrangements to meet at the office if the accident is after hours. We are happy to make time in our schedule to accommodate your needs and increase the likelihood that we can save your tooth.

Call us right away if any of these situations have damaged your teeth:

  • Sports injury
  • Car accident
  • Fistfight
  • Falling
  • Cracked or broken tooth from eating
  • Toothache

Even if you think the tooth is fine, it is best to schedule a consultation. A seemingly small issue could turn into big problems in the future. So, we should always assess the injury to the tooth to see if treatments are needed.

Pre-Treatment Steps for a Dental Emergency

Our dental team can offer the assistance and treatments that you need for your dental emergency. But, there are a few things that should be considered before you visit the office. Here are a few tips:

  • If you have a toothache, then it could be food particles stuck between the teeth or in the gums. Try flossing your teeth, brushing, and rinsing with water.
  • Any time swelling is present, you should use ice to minimize the swelling and reduce the pain at the same time.
  • Bleeding should be managed with gentle pressure on the injury location. Place gauze over the gums until the dentist can complete an examination.
  • Did you lose the whole tooth or pieces of a tooth? Save them to take to the dentist. Pick up the tooth by the crown and avoid touching the root. Place it in milk for transportation.

For emergency services, you need to contact our office right away. Clock Tower Dentistry is here to help!

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