Superior Dental Fillings in Palatine, IL

Nearby at Clock Tower Dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental services for the whole family. Whether you need a basic checkup and treatment or you are interested in cosmetic services, our team is here to help. The most common treatments that are done in our office are dental fillings, which can be used for a variety of dental conditions.

Dental fillings are recommended for strengthening and protecting a tooth that has been damaged. We use the best materials and modern technology to ensure long-term results from your treatment. Our office specializes in tooth-colored fillings, creating a natural appearance for your tooth restoration

Dental fillings can be used as a preventive treatment to help you avoid bigger dental procedures in the future. When fillings repair dental issues in the earliest stages, it helps to minimize the need for additional, invasive dental treatments.

If you need to schedule an appointment for a dental filling, broken tooth filling, cavity dental filling, or you have a cracked filling,  then we invite you to contact us at Clock Tower Dentistry. You can set up an exam in our dental office, conveniently located near you in Palatine, IL.

The Purpose of Tooth Fillings

Tooth FillingWhy are tooth fillings such a common treatment in all dental offices? There are times when a portion of a tooth needs to be repaired. Damage can occur because of decay, trauma, or regular wear and tear. When a part of the tooth has been damaged, then it is essential to repair the tooth to prevent further damage.

Most often, a filling is needed because a decayed portion of the tooth needs to be removed. If decay is present in a tooth, then it will continue to spread to other areas of the tooth if treatment is delayed. Our dental office can stop the progress of the cavity by removing the decay. Then, a tooth filling is used to replace that portion of the tooth with composite materials to strengthen the structure of the tooth.

Why Cavity Fillings are Important for Dental Health

Can you justify the money that will be spent on a cavity filling? Some people don’t understand why they need to spend money on the treatment when their tooth feels fine. If you aren’t in pain, why does the dentist need to do a tooth filling?

When cavities are identified in the early stages, filling teeth can be used to stop the decay before it progresses. Preventive treatments offer the most effective way to preserve your natural tooth as much as possible. A cavity filling right now can help you avoid big dental treatments in the future, such as root canals or a tooth extraction.

If you want a healthy smile, then prevention should be the focus of your dental care. A cavity filling can be a proactive way to manage your dental health and maintain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Removing a small portion of decay is essential for avoiding a deeper infection that could develop.

Our team at Clock Tower Dentistry uses modern technology to ensure your comfort during your cavity filling appointment. The tooth is prepared by removing the damaged portion. Then composite materials are placed in the empty space and bonded to the tooth, creating a long-lasting restoration that supports that overall structure of your tooth.

The best thing that you can do is visit Arrive In Style transportation our office in Palatine, IL for regular exams. These checkups will allow us to identify dental decay and other problems in the early stages. Then, we can provide the treatments that are needed, including a cavity filling, to protect the quality of your teeth. For more information, contact us to schedule an exam.


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