Root Canals in Palatine, IL

Do you cringe at the idea of sitting in the dental chair for a dental root canal treatment? Even though root canal procedures have the reputation as being an uncomfortable and undesirable dental service, things have changed in recent years. The technology has come a long way to offer a comfortable experience during a root canal dentist appointment.

Root canals are a common dental treatment that can save an infected tooth. If you are experiencing a toothache, then it might be time to talk to a root canal dentist about treatment options.

This treatment is safe, effective, and pain-free due to the local anesthetic used during the procedure. Removing the inner pulp and the nerves within the tooth will eliminate infection and take away common symptoms of tooth infection, such as severe pain, an abscess, gum infections, and more.

Nearby at Clock Tower Dentistry, we want to help you protect the quality of your teeth. There are times when a root canal might be needed to protect your tooth and eliminate the infection. If your tooth is infected, then it is essential that you talk to our team as soon as possible to schedule a root canal dentist appointment in Palatine, IL.

Why You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

What is the difference between root canals and standard fillings? When tooth decay is present, it is necessary to remove the decayed portion of the tooth to prevent further infection. A small area of decay can be drilled and covered up with a filling. But, if the small cavity is left untreated, then it might move further into your tooth and affect the root.

When the infection is located deep in the root of the tooth, it could potentially spread into other areas of your mouth and body. A root canal dentist must clean out the root and remove the infection as soon as possible to protect your health. This treatment involves a process that removes the infection through special tools that hollow out the root of the tooth. Then, the inner core needs to be sealed to protect the tooth from additional damage in the future.

Root canals are designed to eliminate the infected portion of the tooth without damaging the overall structure of the tooth. While it is necessary to drill into the tooth to clean out the inner infection, a root canal dentist is careful to avoid drilling healthy portions of the tooth. The goal is to maintain as much of the natural structure of the tooth as possible.

After the root canal is complete, it’s time to finish the treatment with tooth restoration. Composite materials are carefully placed within the tooth to fill in the empty space. Then, it is common to place a crown on the top of the tooth to reinforce the structure and strengthen the tooth. Your root canal dentist will work with you to find the right combination of dental services to ensure the long-term quality of your tooth restoration.

Save Teeth from Extraction with Root Canals

For many years, tooth extraction was the only treatment for an infected tooth. If an infection was present, then the only way to get rid of the infection was by removing the tooth. Now, you can save the structure of your tooth by having a root canal dentist clear out the infection.

An untreated infection can lead to serious dental complications, including receding gums, bone loss, and infection that spreads to surrounding tissue. While both tooth extraction and a root canal can be used to eliminate the infection, the root canal treatment often offers optimal long-term results since the overall structure of the tooth remains in the mouth.

Whenever possible, our team at Clock Tower Dentistry recommends preserving the natural structure of your teeth. As such, it is often recommended that a root canal treatment be used as an alternative to tooth extraction. Talk to our root canal dentist to discuss personal recommendations for your dental treatment plan.

If you want to preserve your natural tooth as much as possible, then a root canal might be the right solution for you. After the root canal is done, a dental crown can be placed on the tooth to strengthen it and preserve it for many years.

Is a root canal right for you? The best thing that you can do is schedule a root canal dentist appointment at Clock Tower Dentistry near you. We will evaluate your dental health and provide customized recommendations to protect your smile.

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