Tooth Extractions in Palatine, IL

When you need dental treatments, the goal is usually to preserve the natural structure of your teeth as much as possible. But, there are times when tooth removal may be necessary because of damage, infection, or orthodontics. If you have been told that a tooth needs to be pulled, then it is essential that you follow the instructions from your dentist.

Tooth extraction is often suggested when the tooth is injured beyond repair, resulting in a need to remove the tooth. For example, trauma or a severe infection might result in a situation where the tooth cannot be saved. Or, it is often recommended to remove the third molars (wisdom teeth) due to overcrowding.

If tooth extraction is needed, the greatest care is taken to ensure your comfort during the appointment. You can rest assured to know that we are skilled in all types of general dentistry.

Nearby at Clock Tower Dentistry, we provide a comfortable, safe environment for your tooth removal dental treatments. If you are coming in for tooth extraction, then we will provide the best services so that you are relaxed during the treatment.

Why Would You Need Tooth Removal?

Tooth Extraction

Why are tooth extractions necessary? There are a variety of reasons why you might need to have a tooth removed. The most common reason is that the tooth has been damaged beyond repair. This damage could be caused by trauma, such as an accident that broke a large portion of the tooth. Another reason that severe damage could occur is that of untreated dental decay that caused an infection to spread to other areas of the mouth.

There are times when tooth extractions might be recommended for orthodontics or other dental treatments. For example, if your mouth is overcrowded, then it might be recommended that you have one or more teeth removed to make room for other teeth. Also, it is common for people to have their wisdom teeth removed because there isn’t enough space for the extra molars.

Other dental treatments could require tooth removal. For example, if there are only a few healthy teeth on the jaw, the remaining teeth might be extracted if dentures or dental implants are going to be used.

When determining whether tooth extractions are needed, our team looks at the overall dental health of the patient. We always identify minimally-invasive treatments first, before deciding whether major services are needed (such as tooth extraction.

If tooth removal is required, we will design a full dental treatment plan, including tooth restoration to replace the missing teeth. These services ensure that you can enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts for years.

Tooth Extraction Appointment

What can you expect if you need to visit the dentist for a dental extraction? There is nothing to worry about because modern medical treatments have made it possible for you to be comfortable and relaxed during the tooth removal treatment. We will use a local anesthetic to numb the area, then the tooth will be removed, and you can go home.

You will need to bring someone to the appointment who can drive you home. After any major dental treatment, it is recommended that another adult assist with monitoring and care during the first day of your recovery.

It is important that you follow gum care and daily treatment suggestions after a tooth removal, a molar extraction or a wisdom teeth removal appointment to speed up healing and prevent complications from the treatment. We always send patients with detail instructions regarding proper care to minimize the risk of infection and improve the overall outcome of the treatment.

Whether you need to have a tooth removal treatment, an emergency dental extraction, or it is time for a routine dental check-up, we are here to help! Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment in your area.

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